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Buy these instead of those

I literally stopped strangers at the grocery store today from buying a really low quality bottle of wine. I was like HEY... you may think you like that but for the same price you can get THIS. even though it’s not something you’ve heard of before, I’m pretty sure you’re going to notice a difference in quality.

They left with the better bottle I recommended and I left being hopeful that they enjoy it. I got to thinking... I think there’s a lot of millennials out there who are only buying the brands they’ve heard of like Ménage a trois and Apothic because it’s A) cheap B) everywhere and C) cheap. But for like a dollar or two more, you can find something better in quality!

So I present to you, my grocery store ‘buy this not those’ series. The next time you’re in a grocery store buying wine, try some of these bottles for just a few $ more and notice a world of difference! This week, Pavillons selections around $20 or less!

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