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How I Prevent a Wine Hangover

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

After a heavy night of wine tasting, I often wake up feeling like I was hit by a bus and dragged through some mud in my sleep. Hangovers hit me pretty easily, even if I chug tons of water the night before and have enough food in my stomach.

I wanted to take a second to let you guys know about this awesome hangover preventative I received to test out. I mentioned that I drank DrinkAde last week before our wine tasting event at LA Wine. DrinkAde works to neutralize toxins in the liver caused by alcohol, restores vital nutrients and rehydrates the body with natural ingredients. You drink one before a night of drinking and avoid the headache the next morning.

This preventative tastes AMAZING, and I actually think it works really well. I drank the "prevention" bottle before a night of tasting 6 wines and then having 2 more glasses and woke up feeling perfectly fine. I HATE that feeling of dehydration after a night of drinking, so I'm pretty excited to have these bottles at the ready. I think my favorite thing about this preventative is that it's only 5 calories and is sugar free. You can find more out about DrinkAde HERE. Honestly, I REALLY needed one of these yesterday before the Santa Monica Wine Festival, and now I'm FEELING the difference after not taking one. I definitely recommend purchasing a pack of these. Keep one in your purse for those unexpected nights out - I certainly will be

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