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LTC: Grocery Store Red Blends - Hot To Trot

Let's talk cheap!

One of my all time favorite red blends to buy at the grocery store is 14 Hands Hot-to-Trot red blend. At the typical price of $10.00 a bottle, it's hard to beat the quality of this bottle.

This blend is a dry, fruit forward blend with medium-high acidity and flavors of plum, berries and oak. The boldness of the wine makes it a great pairing with a steak, but it's approachable enough to drink on it's own, which is why you really get the bang for your buck on this blend. It's the perfect bottle to bring to someone's house, or to keep it stocked in your wine fridge for when you can't bring yourself to open an expensive bottle but still want good quality.

For the price point, this is my most consistent red blend purchase at the grocery store. Try it out the next time you see it on a shelf!

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