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New Year, Nouveaux ✨

Felt like kicking things off this year with the 2022 New Wave Nouveau Mourvèdre from Tank Winery because what better way to start off the year than with an incredibly memorable bottle of wine?!

Nouveau wines indicate that the wine was bottled and released the same year the grapes were harvested and fermented, which created a super fruit forward and youthful wine. Many Nouveau wines like this one are made using a technique called Carbonic Maceration, which is when winemakers begin fermenting the grapes BEFORE they’re pressed, by sealing the full bunches in a carbon dioxide-rich environment.

This Mourvèdre was harvested in 9/14/22 and bottled on 11/4/22! Notes of cranberry, raspberry and strawberry rhubarb explode on the palate and are met by punchy tannins and crisp acidity. My inner wine nerd loves trying unique and exciting bottles like this because they’re a true testament to the creativity and versatility of winemaking. This wine ready to drink NOW so get yourself a bottle and cheers to the new year !

2022 New Wave, Nouveau Mourvèdre

Buy it here

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