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Orange you glad you love wine?

How is it already the end of April?

Sorry I've been bad about blogging lately. My life has been pretty chaotic. Between apartment hunting, signing a lease, moving in, and then getting a job offer, I feel like the fast forward button has been on these past few weeks and I haven't had a chance to slow down and take a beat to reflect!

I wanted to take this chance to talk about orange wine. So many people out there look at a bottle like this one and think, "wow looks like rosé" and then be very mistaken once they open it up and take a sip. I even have friends who saw my recent Instagram post about orange wine and asked me, "wait, isn't it made with oranges?"

Obviously to those of us with prior wine knowledge, we know that orange wine isn't made out of oranges! But since it's still not as commercially available out in the wine world, so many wine enthusiasts don't really know the full scoop on orange wine. So what gives it that gorgeous sunset hue?

Orange wine is made from white grapes, mashed up and fermented with skin and seeds still intact. In contrast, it's exactly the opposite of rosé, which is red grapes crushed and fermented without skin or seeds in tact (made in the style of white wine). Orange winemaking is actually pretty old and is a more natural winemaking process that gives the wine a tannic structure similar to a red. The skin remaining through the fermentation process produces an orange hue that can range from a deep sunset orange to a lighter orange-juicy color.

Have you tried orange wine? If so, what do you think?

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