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Prosecco time

When your Prosecco bottle matches your outfit 💅🏼⁣

I drink a lot more sparkling wine in the summer months... whether in my OJ for brunch or as an afternoon aperitif, bubbles are perfect for any time of day. Here’s some fun facts about Prosecco that you might not know 📚 ⁣

🌸 Prosecco must be made of at least 85% Glera but can contain up to 15% of other grapes. Common blends include Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris.⁣

🌸 Not all Prosecco is sparkling. If the bottle says “Tranquillo” on it, don’t expect bubbles cause you aren’t going to find them!⁣

🌸 Why is it so much cheaper than Champagne? Prosecco is made using the Charmat-Martinotti method, which means the wine undergoes its second fermentation in a tank (rather than in the bottle like Champagne does). This method is much more time and cost effective, and is also why Prosecco is usually lighter and more floral than Champagne. Contact with lees is minimal, so the wine generally doesn’t develop dairy or yeast qualities. ⁣

🌸 The Prosecco region in Italy is actually much smaller than the Champagne region of France, but because the fruit yield is higher and regulations aren’t quite as particular, the region actually produces a higher yearly output of Prosecco than Champagne produces. ⁣

Cheers to @accademiausa for this gorgeous rainbow pack of Prosecco celebrating #pride month! (The bottles are colorful but the wine is not)

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