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This Week's Pick:

When it comes to wine shopping, I'm definitely one of those people who picks up way too many bottles excitedly and then has to put things back once I realize I can't buy them all. Here on the blog, I'm going to tell you about some of my picks each week, why I picked them, and what I thought. Maybe you'll get inspired to try them yourself!

The Inquisitor, Method Cap Classique 2013

I went on a short visit to Florida for a wedding and stayed with two of my best friends while I was there! I used to live there, so it's so much fun getting to visit my friends that still live there. I decided to have a little girls' night as a thank you for letting me stay with them, and I found the perfect wine for the evening. Although I'm usually a red wine girl, I wanted to pick a bubbly white for the occasion as we were all pretty set on eating bread and cheese.

I first heard of The Inquisitor wines when I was at happy our at STK the last time I was in Orlando. I didn't get a chance to try it off the menu, but when I was browsing on BevFly, I saw the name again and did some more digging. The winery sources their grapes in South Africa, but they're based in Orlando, Florida. They're female winemakers, which I LOVE, and I was pretty much sold once I saw the local connection.

The wine is crisp and floral - citrus, light berries, green apple and flowers on the nose. It's dry, with hints of honey on the finish. According to the label, the Pinot Noir grapes are put through 2 rounds of fermentation in the bottle, and then spend an additional 24 months maturing on the lees, which accounts for the fresh, toasty quality.

The next time you're thinking about getting a bottle of bubbly, I highly recommend giving this a try. You'll impress your friends with something unconventional but approachable enough for anyone.

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