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This Week's Wine Pick

Hey guys,

I've been a little crazed this month and somehow didn't get a chance to post on here for the past few weeks. I know, unacceptable!!

I took a quick trip to Florida to visit my friends, and then as soon as I got back, my boyfriend and I started apartment hunting. Looking for apartments in our budget in this city is HARD WORK. Like there's a lot of options, but a lot of them are old, dusty, outdated and just not what we really want to call home for the next year. It's been stressful as we've decided on places and then changed our minds a few times, decide to keep looking, and then get discouraged when the pictures don't look like the unit in real life.

But on a happier note, I've been drinking a lot of really good wines lately! I want to share one of my favorites from this month: Lapis Luna!

I got four STUNNING bottles from Lapis Luna winery, and when I made my super quick trip to Florida, I decided to bring the Sauvignon Blanc with me across the country. No point in buying more wine when I have some amazing bottles at home waiting to be opened, right?

The second night I was there, my friends and I really were all feeling hungry, down and indecisive about where to go eat, so I opened this bottle up and the three of us finished it within 45 minutes. We ended up having to take an uber to dinner! I am still thinking about how crisp and refreshing this Sauv Blanc was and how absolutely gorgeous the bottle was.

On the nose are hints of lemongrass and honey, with citrus and stone fruit on the palette. It's dry and light with medium acidity. I only wish I had kept the bottle to turn it into a candle!

Lapis Luna's labels all depict artwork from 400-year old copper engravings. The heroes on the labels are shown striving to connect with the moon and looking to it for inspiration, just as they say they do with their wines. Beautiful, colorful and inspirational, Lapis Luna is my pick this week for a must-try!

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